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We have developed a new technology for new types of superchromatic waveplates APSAW-5-Wide can have a width of spectralrange greater than 500 nm.
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The design of multicomponent zero-order wave plates is described in Ref. 1. References 2 and 3 present the calculated and experimentally measured spectral dependences of the phase shift for three-component (achromatic) and five- component (superachromatic) wave plates. The spectral achromatization region can be broadened by increasing the number of components in the plate.4 The goal of this paper was to fabricate a seven-component zero- order quarter-wave plate and to measure...
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Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) is a versatile polymeric material that is well suited for fabrication of many commercial optical components: lenses, fibers, windows, phase waveplates and others. Our focus is achromatic zero-order waveplates made of anisotropic PMMA which can be used to modify the state of polarization of electromagnetic radiation. Such waveplates have a broad range of application in devices where polarized laser radiation is used. For example, when tunable lasers...
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We discuss a brief classification of waveplates including achromatic and super-achromatic ones. Anizotropic prop- erties of polymethylmethacrylat (PMMA) subjected to one-axis stretching are analyzed. The parameters controlling the value of the PMMA birefringence are identified and their typical spectral dependence is discussed. The technol- ogy for manufacturing achromatic and super-achromatic, one-axis-stretched PMMA waveplates is described, which excludes any mechanical processing of waveplate component surfaces. Technical characteristics of achromatic and super-achromatic...
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